Not that long ago...

By Steven Cranston

Not that long ago, people invaded an island and chose to kill, lie and cheat to take it from the people that were caring for the land. After taking the land they sold to those that wanted to come later. Those people stole people with dark skin to come do all the work for them in exchange for them to keep their lives. Over the years these invaders have poisoned this island with living a destructive lifestyle. Not only are they killing the island but the entire world the island is on, including themselves. This island and world is stronger than these invaders and will eventually win this battle. All the people on this world will eventually be wiped out unless there is some change with how they live. The world fights back hard with relentless power. For example, cement covers up the surface of the land and over a short amount of time the cement cracks and plants sprout out of the cracks. These people try hard to fight the power of this world but they will never win. They don’t understand that every time they disrupt the planets state of existence it only hurts themselves. They call the power they use to fight the planet CAPITALISM. These capitalists need to destroy and fright the planet because it’s part of the story they have made up for themselves. Now they believe their own lies and can’t be convinced they are doing bad things.

There are people that are actively fighting and working hard on the side of the planet. Specifically for this island that was invaded. Reversing the process that got us here is a long endeavor. Slowly but surely they put their energy toward educating and speaking out. But again It’s a very slow process and will take a lot of time. Peeling back the issues won’t happen overnight but well worth the work. We do what we can. What can you do?

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